The Dear Women Project

is a passion project run by Chicago-based wedding calligrapher & stationer Emily Rose Asher
that encourages people to write letters to the women who've inspired them.
25% of all profits are donated to various related nonprofits supporting women's rights and causes.

Who we are:

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Emily is the founder & artist behind the Project.

 Emily also owns and runs Emily Rose Ink, a boutique Chicago wedding stationery company that creates artful calligraphy and illustrated wedding paper goods.



Anna is a recent addition to the Dear Women Project // Emily Rose Ink team, bringing a wealth of skills in project management, marketing, and writing to the project.


It all started when...

She lost the election.

I, like so many other women, found great comfort
in all the strong women in my life.  I remembered what a friend had so eloquently said the day after the election:  
"The first female president - whenever she may be elected -
will stand on the shoulders of great women
like Hillary Rodham Clinton."

I started thinking about all the great women who had come before her, and all those in my own life whose words and faces had given me comfort and strength. I felt the power of their accomplishments and their words lifting me up. It was a feeling I wanted to bottle up
and send to all the women in my life.

So I got this idea.

Dear Women,

Let's lift up the women in our lives. Let's celebrate the great women of the past and the present, and support organizations that promote women's rights and successes. Take up the Dear Women Project Challenge: use these cards to write letters to 10 women in your life, thanking and encouraging them. Then ask them to do the same. Each letter you write will benefit a nonprofit for women.

Dearest women: let's keep fighting together. Let's lift each other up and urge each other forward. We need your voice and your words.

Yours truly,


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